Leadership Is A Mindset

Know your mindset, increase your leadership effectiveness.

Awareness that Increases Effectiveness

The Leadership Mindset Profile is designed to show us from which mindset we are leading our life, personally and professionally. The mindset we choose determines our behavior. Our behavior is our leadership style. We all have leadership styles, which are sometimes skillful and sometimes unskillful.

Developing leaders through training to competencies and gaining new skills alone does not work very well. For more effectiveness in leadership behavior and continuous leadership growth, leaders can be supported to see the underlying pattern of strengths and their limitations.  Leaders need to increase their self-awareness: How am I responding in the way I am doing now and how could I behave to gain more effectiveness and what can I change? Which of my behavior can I turn to leadership strength?

Once we see how well we develop our self-awareness (yellow inner circle) and which potentially limiting behaviors we still have (red/pink middle circle), we can observe our mindset and take action to focus on areas which we can improve by changing 1 or 2 behaviors. This insight will increase our effectiveness since our activities will be less fear based and the results we demonstrate with trusting, connecting and delivering (outer circle) will have an impact on our results. The more our creativity and effectiveness increases the more we behave from the point of freedom.

Once we establish this awareness, leadership development can proceed, since we consider that our mindset is “living,” breathing in and breathing out, it is in constant movements, like everything else in our life. Without knowing that our mind is forming our behavior, we can rarely create meaningful change.